We produce selling various SAKURAMEN gloves made by the strong, clean polyethylene which people can use in safe as a main products. To supply a hiher quality gloves than a normal gloves, gloves, we make a thorough quality control system and will continue production in our own factory, Japan in future.
SEIKO Groupe  
  Seiko Co., Ltd.
Production of a polyethylene film products and PE products.
  *Polyethylene gloves
    - Brand name "SAKURAMEN GLOVES"
  *Special order products
  Sakuramen Co., Ltd.
planning and sales of polyestylene film and PE products.

  *Gloves, shoes cover, socks, arm cover
    and other special order products
    made by polyethylene.
  *PE molded products

Development, planning and sales of aged people care-related products.

  Gloves, mask, cap, pirrow, apron, cream, deodorant, wheelchair, etc.