Company name Seiko Co., Ltd.
Headquarters 15-8 18jo 3-chome, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0001, Japan
TEL 06-6350-4187
FAX 06-6396-4939
Company established June, 1957
Establishment February, 1970
Capital 10,000,000 Yen
Business lines The manufacturer and sale of polyethylene gloves
June, 1957 The founder of the late of Mr. Toshio Komoda established the manufacturer of polyethylene gloves company name of "Seikosha" in Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka.
April, 1959 Manufacturered polyethylene gloves in Japan.
March, 1963 Company brand name has been changed to "Seiko".
February, 1970 Seiko Co., Ltd., established, President : the late of Mr. Toshio Komoda Capital 10,000,000Yen.
July, 1981 "SAKURAMEN" approved as a registered trademark.
October, 1991 Miss Yoshie Komoda become president.
March, 1992 Introduced an automatic packing line.
November, 2000 Miss Yoshie Yuko become president.
June, 2001 Built main office and factory in Yodogawa-ku 18-jo.

The factory is completed with clean room facilities
Now the protection of a global environment is demanded, we are with extreme caution in the choice of materials, process of manufacture. We use the polyethylene which does not occur of dioxin even if we burn it. Our product solves both a food hygiene standard and an environmental endocrine disrupter problem. We consider environment in the materials which do not include lead, tin at all in the lates clean room factory and produce it.
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    15-8 18jo 3-chome, Yodogawa-ku,
    Osaka 532-0001, Japan

Nearest station
Subway Midosuji line: Higashimikuni station
Hankyu Takarazuka line: Mikuni station
JR Shin-Osaka station