Question: Where are SAKURAMEN Gloves manufacturing?
Answer: We are particular about gloves made in Japan from materials to production throughout our own clean room systme in a motto for security and safety.

Question: What are materials of gloves?
Answer: The safety is admitted by The Japanese Food Hygiene Law. Therefore, our gloves can be disposal as "burning garbage".

Question: I want to use gloves for cooking purpose, is it hygienic?
Answer: We ship only the gloves with ZERO standard of a colon bacillus. Therefore, it is very hygienic gloves.

Question: What does it mean the gloves are good for environment?
Answer: Harmful chlorine gas and dioxin is not generated even burning polyethylene gloves.

Question: Using normal gloves make me feel painful due to rubber non-slip parts. Any no painful gloves?
Answer: Our SAKURAMEN Gloves not using rubber non-slip, but still can fit with hands, it can fit with any size.